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WATCH: Using Cannabis to Manage Pain & Inflammation

Surgery of any kind can be a scary thing. Something’s gone wrong with the body and the doctors are telling you the only way to fix this is by cutting you open. Sometimes surgeries are successful, sometimes they’re not – and recovery is almost always painful.   To help you manage the pain, most doctors [...]

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The Cup Runneth Over

Wow. That was quite a weekend at the 13th Emerald Cup. Over 30,000 people attended. It was Sold Out and then some, and it certainly appeared to be a big success. Like any major production, I have no doubt there were some glitches and moments when everyone running the show wanted to pull their hair [...]

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First Meeting of the Flower Judges

Once again, time for Judging season has rolled around. Last Saturday was our first meeting of the Flower Judges for the 13th Emerald Cup to be held December 10th & 11th in Santa Rosa. As always, we met at the infamous AREA 101, home to the first nine Cup celebrations. Swami and I have been [...]

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Busy Harvest Bees

Life is beyond busy these days. It used to be time consuming enough to be just a cannabis farmer, but now such a farmer must also know how to run a business, establish a brand, follow politics, acquire all the necessary land and business permits, and make sure their lawyer and accountant know what they [...]

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Swami Surprise

It happens quite often: Swami Chaitanya and I will be walking down the street somewhere when someone comes up to him, and in very carefully enunciated English will introduce themselves and ask who he is. This is when I casually step back to watch the expression on their face change from devotion to astonishment. I [...]

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