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Cannabis of the People, by the People, for the People

I am of the firm opinion that cannabis fulfills the three most important rights of the United States founding mission statement, The Declaration of Independence: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. It's medical prowess is everyday reaffirmed, The right to ingest cannabis is a fundamental liberty: the freedom to choose to grow one's own [...]

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Three Phases of Reality

Every week there are encounters that seem to define our era, yet the contrasts are noteworthy. Tuesday morning was spent in the dentist's chair and the afternoon was hardly less painful. This was the feeling at the Willits Senior Center during a workshop organized by the Mendocino Agriculture Commission.   There were presentations by the [...]

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Not Just another Meeting

The white sign in front of the unassuming house on Main Street, the former home of the Willits Environmental Group, announced an upcoming event about Regenerative Agriculture and Cannabis. Seeing this as I drove by had piqued my interest. Shortly thereafter, in front of our local health food store, I met Pat Higgins,  Managing Director [...]

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A Week in the Life

What an amazing week it was. Here's a taste of what a few days with Swami, off-ranch, are like.   On Tuesday Nikki and I live-streamed the Board of Supervisors meeting to see the vote on the Mendocino Cannabis ordinance. In this historic, though rather anti-climactic moment—what with only three “yes” votes—the future changed for [...]

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The Living Soils Symposium

Last week, eager to dive deeper into regenerative models, my garden co-creator Cassie and I drove up to Medford, Oregon for the second annual Living Soil Symposium.   The Symposium gathered friends new and old, some from the 2016 Emerald Cup's  "Living Soil Contingent.” People came from as far as Jamaica, Canada, Philadelphia, Florida, Nevada, [...]

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That’s Farming

Spring planting goes on, in spite of rain and snow, cold and hot. Nikki and I had to go down to Ukiah last Tuesday for a couple of doctor appointments sandwiched around a brief appearance at the County Board of Supervisors, who are in the midst of finalizing the county cannabis ordinance. When we got [...]

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A Seed Story

Those of you who may have read this blog over time will begin to realize I change the way I do things rather frequently. The biggest change, of course, has been my slowly dawning realization of the critical importance of living soil.   I have also changed the way I sprout the seeds. We’ve switched [...]

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Medical Musings

As a consequence of the head of the DEA claiming that medical cannabis is a joke, it is time for the cannabis community to call out the medical profession to tell the true story of cannabis' innumerable medical uses.   As I understand it, the Hippocratic Oath that doctors are required to swear and to [...]

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Spring Seed Exchange

The Annual Mendocino Seed Exchange happened last Sunday at Area 101, home of the Emerald Cup. It went on all afternoon with moments of surging crowds of 30 or more people  clustering around several tables displaying cannabis seeds and all kinds of other flower and vegetable seeds. At other times there would be a lull [...]

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An Endangered Species

In the mountains of the Emerald Triangle these days, the undercurrent in every household and on every farm concerns the ability to survive in the New Cannabis Order. These are anxious times indeed. In some ways of course, growers have essentially had a “Free Ride” for the last 40 or 50 years. Back then, they [...]

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